Why SurgicTouch®

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0% Harmful substances

Scientifically proven pure and concentrated actives

The new cosmetology?

Working with less and less sterile water to reach self-preservation. This is only an example of the research we are developing.

Do you want a healthy, bright and young skin?

Do not underestimate the importance of prevention and constant care, using high quality cosmeceuticals with proven results.

SurgicTouch® has the right suggestion on how to be beautiful during every moment of the year. It helps you smooth your wrinkles, relax your skin and make you look younger.

Let your skin breath

Silicones are frequently used in cosmetics to make the product touch pleasurable, soft and silky.

Instead, they stop perspiration, increase skin dehydration and they prevent the penetration of the actives.

The abuse of silicones in cosmetic products covers low-quality formulations, lacking in real actives. The use of silicones creates a silky touch in the short term, while depriving the skin of the nourishment in the long term, causing dehydration, wrinkles and thickness.

A beautiful skin without petrolatum

Important scientific studies show the connection between infections and the use of products containg petrolatum and oil derived. Modern chemistry and its branch on row materials, offers a range of vegetal ingredients able to fully substitute “old” petrolatum.

Lately petrolatum in cosmetics is under “special surveillance”. The new edition of the cosmetic directive is listing petrolatum and paraffines among those substances that cannot be used in a cosmetic product at any percentage, as they derive from carcinogens.

Say no to parabens

They are absorbed by the body with negative impact on health.

Parabens are preservatives.
They increase contact dermatitis, they are very aggressive and cause irritations. Furthermore, they are endocrine disruptors with negative action on health.

The dark side of fragrances

Parfumes are a chemical mix of many fragrances and they are used to make the smell of the cosmetic more pleasurable.

They often cause skin allergies and dermatitis. People with sensitive skin are highly recommended to avoid fragrances. They can also cause dermatitis due to photo-sensitivity, leading to reactions to the sun light. How can you recognize the products containing fragrances?

In the ingredient list, they can be recognized as “parfum” and “fragrance”.

Free from synthetic coloring agents

Coloring agents can be recognized in a cosmetic ingredient list through the acronym “CI” followed by numbers. They are the result of chemical synthesis and their only action is to color the product. They are useless, irritating and harmful.


Modern life style is characterized by many factors able to damage cells, causing early skin aging. The protection of the skin and keeping it healthy is paramount, even at young age. The right product, free from harmful substances, has a key role in skin at every age.

Keep the skin healthy and young, prevent aging through modern devices, effective and safe ingredients, free from harmful substances.

The SurgicTouch® actives of sun products protect, repair, soothe and prevent photo-aging damages and eryhtema. Crazy weather, pollution, increase in skin cancer: these are all factors changing the habits in sun protection. Women are aware of the risks they run during a walk in the city center. Dermatologists underline the necessity of taking care of the skin. SurgicTouch® helps thorugh “shield” products, a crossroad between tretament, protection and reparation; to be used all year around.

A new technological vision to increase product effectiveness. The ultimate laboratories with more and more safe and certified production methods. The effectiveness of the products is supported by scientific data. Every active used in SurgicTouch products is accompanied by scientific literature and a truthful description on its activity, avoiding the possibility of misleading advertising.
We are constantly engaged in transparency in formulation.