Professional Training

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While aesthetic medicine and cosmetic fields are in constant evolution, professionals should guarantee, beside service QUALITY, ATMOSPHERE, relax and wellbeing, the RESULTS of beauty treatments. Nowadays the clients of a qualified center, require a visible improvement of their skin, high level consulting and products.

Cosmeceutics, represented by Dr. Pittoni, developed a training service for its own centers, so that they can be well prepared to make a difference in such a particular market. For this reason a highly qualified, SurgicTouch® Accredited professional team is of paramount importance  for those clients who want quality products, serious and advanced technologies and professionals of the highest level.

Cosmeceutics offers its clients a daily support through its customer service, able to satisfy any practical or theoretical need. Doc. Pittoni addresses every question about dermatology and he answers through Cosmeceutics staff.

Annual seminars held by Dr. Pittoni, addressing every medical-scientific aspect of the field and the new trends in aesthetic medicine and dermatology, presenting his clients with the news of international medical congresses.

Cosmeceutics periodically organizes courses and insights about dermatology, held by Dr. Pittoni.

The different topics addressed by Cosmeceutics are: working procedures, technologies and education about skin and its imperfections, such as spots, acne, wrinkles, etc.

Local workshops organized by the trade agent of a specific area. These workshops are developed for a small group of professionals, to address every phase of SurgicTouch protocols step by step, analyzing Dr. Pittoni‘s suggestions.

In this way the medical techniques and procedures are brought in the beauty center through in-depth analysis of the actives contained in the cosmeceutical products

During the workshop there will be the possibility to match SurgicTouch® product protocols with SurgicTechnology devices.

Our area trainer is at your disposal for the best education possible.

Working day supported by SurgicTouch through direct staff, in order to carry out trial treatments on your clients, who will adhere treatment programs, lsting all year around.

Thanks to our long experience working with beauty centers at national lever, we can offer you tailored flyers, posters, shoppers and windows.