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SurgicTouch presents “Peptha Mask”, an antioxidant “creamy mask” (with cranberry extract), containing innovative anti-wrinkle peptide complexes, stimulating collagen and with lifting and anti-aging effect. Peptha Mask contains hydrolyzed RNA and hydrolyzed DNA, making the skin fuller, renewed, vital and brighter than ever.


PALMITOYL PENTAPEPTIDE – 4 FIRMING AND LIFTING COMPLEX: it acts at epidermis level, stimulating cells and the synthesis of the main structures of dermis and epidermis.
SALYCYLIC ACID: it causes exfoliation of the superficial skin layers, it removes keratinous plugs. It has a bacteriostatic and soothing action, withour irritations.
MANDELIC ACID: it helps improves acne and skin discolorations due to photo-aging. It has a compacting, detox and anti-age action.
CRANBERRY EXTRACT: it has antioxidant and antimicrobial action. Its micronization process guarantees soft and silky textures.
VITAMIN E: it protects skin from photo-aging and it preserves cells from free-radical damages.
ARGININA LYSINE: it has a powerful antioxidant action.


Apply on cleaned skin and leave it on for 10 minutes, massage the residue with the deep tissue technique. Do not remove.

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