Safe Tan 360 Body + Repair System Aftersun

Safe Tan 360 Body

Sunscreen body cream
150 ml / 5.07 fl. oz.

Repair System Aftersun

Aftersun cream with repairing action
200 ml / 6.8 fl. oz.


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Recommended for: Toneless Skin,Body cellulitis,Weak Elasticity,Dehydrated and Rough Skin,Thick and Rough Skin,Stretch Marks,

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Product Description

Safe Tan 360 Body

MEDIUM SUNSCREEN PROTECTION. Sunscreen body cream SafeTan 360° Body contains the combination of atomized mineral particles and the photo stable chemical filters that guarantees the optimal balance between UVB and UVA protection and it strengthens the protective action against the infrared rays (IR).

Repair System Aftersun

Aftersun cream that for the first time contains active ingredients that not only protect the skin from UV rays but also from the ozone.


Safe Tan 360 Body

Safe Tan 360° combines strong antioxidant principles and the latest solar filters that were designed to reduce the erythema that is caused by UV rays and at the same time to reduce all damages that are caused to the DNA of our cells and skin layers by sun rays. These specific antioxidants avoid the development of free radicals in areas of photo aging as well as in the prevention of skin cancer.

Repair System Aftersun

In addition to the hydrating, nourishing and softening effect, the active ingredients of Repair System Aftersun assures an immediate regenerating antioxidant action, able to avoid elastosis. All of these active ingredients in one single product are able to avoid the negative effects of the sun and air pollution on the skin at 360°.


Safe Tan 360 Body

Safe Tan 360° combines strong antioxidant actives (topherols and tocotrienols) and the ultimate sun filters.

GPI (Glycerophosphoinositol): It stops the inflammation caused by B type ultraviolet radiation exposition, such as erythema and edema.
Phyitic Acid, polyphenols and minerals: It strengthens anti-oxidant protection. It stimulates cellular functions, such as collagen, keratin and elastin synthesis.
Arginina PCA: Anti-radical complex, able to smooth and hydrate the skin.
Tocotrienols – Tocopherols: Specific molecules against free radicals. They stop the growth and/or proliferation of different types of cell cancer lines.
Hyaluronic Acid: Anti-age key element. It brings a high amount of water from the deeper skin layers.
Glycine soja protein/oxido reductasis: It fights the damages of environmental aggressive agents, such as ozone, smog and UV radiation.
Vitamin E It stops damages leading to photo-aging.
18 Beta-glycyrrhetinic acido: Soothing properties in contact and irritant contact dermatitis. Its action is similar to the one of medium strenght cortisone.
Argan Oil: Active principle rich of lipid compounds, protecting the skin from sun, wind, pollutants and toxic agents, causing skin aging and skin cancer.
Vitamin B5: Anti-inflammation action. It reduces the irritating effect of the sun.

Repair System Aftersun

FORMULATION. Two new active ingredients in one After-Sun product: GLYCEROL-PHOSPHO-INOSITOLO (GPI) and GLYCINE SOJA PROTEIN/OXIDO REDUCTASES complex that together have an Anti-Aging effect and relieve sunburns. A correct anti-inflammatory effect that is antioxidant, assures a long-term protection against skin cancer and is boosted by Tocotrienol. Vitamin E has been known as the most effective skin vitamin after sunbathing for decades.


Safe Tan 360 Body

30 minutes before sun exposition, apply Safe Tan 360° on the skin, massage it. After swimming, sweating or after a long exposition a new application of the product is suggested. Repair System After Sun is suggested after sun exposition to complete the action of the active principles contained in SafeTan 360°.

Repair System Aftersun

After sun exposition, clean the skin with a delicate, no-soap product. Apply Repair System Aftersun with a delicate massage, applying more product on reddened areas. In case of strong sun erythema, repeat the application after 2 hours.


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