Repair System Aftersun

Aftersun cream with repairing action
200 ml / 6.8 fl. oz.

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Product Description

Aftersun cream that for the first time contains active ingredients that not only protect the skin from UV rays but also from the ozone.


In addition to the hydrating, nourishing and softening effect, the active ingredients of Repair System Aftersun assures an immediate regenerating antioxidant action, able to avoid elastosis. All of these active ingredients in one single product are able to avoid the negative effects of the sun and air pollution on the skin at 360°.


FORMULATION. Two new active ingredients in one After-Sun product: GLYCEROL-PHOSPHO-INOSITOLO (GPI) and GLYCINE SOJA PROTEIN/OXIDO REDUCTASES complex that together have an Anti-Aging effect and relieve sunburns. A correct anti-inflammatory effect that is antioxidant, assures a long-term protection against skin cancer and is boosted by Tocotrienol. Vitamin E has been known as the most effective skin vitamin after sunbathing for decades.


After sun exposition, clean the skin with a delicate, no-soap product. Apply Repair System Aftersun with a delicate massage, applying more product on reddened areas. In case of strong sun erythema, repeat the application after 2 hours.


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