Pure Mask

Hydrating face mask 50 ml / 1.7 fl. oz.


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Product Description

Hydrating face mask Pure Mask is a professional disposable hyaluronic acid and arginine/lysine polypeptide mask, able to recall water from the deeper skin layers. In this Mask, active principles have a real hydrating and anti-age action, without the use of glycerin, which has a positive temporary effect, that becomes an occlusive effect in the long term.


Skin looks hydrated and bright, superficial wrinkles look less prominent.


Pure Mask in an innovative thanks to the high concentrated active principles and the absence of occlusive substances. It contains: low weight HYALURONIC ACID and POLIPTIDE ARGININA / LYSINE able to draw huge amounts of water from the deepest layers of the dermis.


Apply on the areas to be treated, which must be thoroughly cleaned. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes and massage it to ease the penetration of the actives. Considered the high conentration of hyaluronic acid contained in this mask, it can be left on up to 50 minutes (increasing its effect). Once the mask is removes, leave the residues on the skin, they will be absorbed in a few minutes.


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