Full Face

Exfoliating and regenerating cream 50 ml / 1.7 fl. oz


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Product Description

Full Face is a multiaction, exfoliating and regenerating cream, containing a group of whitening ingredients, lipids and antioxidants. A unique product, excellent for the delicate eye contour area, that can be used all year around.


Increased vascularization, skin compactness and dermis stimulation.


Full Face presents PUMPKIN FERMENT EXTRACT, to renew and smooth the skin. KOJIC ACID, whitening agent to make the skin color homogeneous. COENZYME Q10, strong antioxidant. OMEGA 6, reduced dehydration of epidermis tissues and strengthening of the skin, thanks to the improved elasticity and hydration. VITAMIN A, strong antioxidant, able to improve skin thickness, decreasing the wrinkle depth.


Apply the product on the areas to be treated and massage it for 10 minutes, until complete absorption.


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