Alpha hydroxy acid cleanser
150 ml / 5 fl. oz.


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Product Category: Face acne,Face cleanser,

Recommended for: Skin with spots,Greasy Skin,Sagging Skin,Dehydrated Skin,Normal Skin,

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Product Description

Alpha hydroxy acid cleanser Softlane is the product developed to properly and deeply clean the skin, while stimulating cellular renewal. Suitable for every skin type, particularly for thick, photo-aged ones with spots.


Softlane removes impurities and the excess of dead cells, leaving the skin soft and bright. It slows down the sebum deposit on pores. Useful also to facilitate the penetration of anti-age active principles contained in the SurgicTouch line.


The combination of 4 acids GLYCOLIC, LACTIC, MALIC and SALYCILIC with a ph lower than 3.5, enables an immediate keratolytic effect. Furthermore Softlane contains phytic acid, which is able to postpone skin aging, inhibiting free radicals. It penetrates to the stratum corneum regulating the secretion level of sebum and bacterial flora.


Apply a small quantity of product on wet skin and massage it on face, neck and décolleté. Remove with warm water.

WARNINGS: product for external use only. Eye contact is to be avoided. If the product gets in contact with eyes, clean thoroughly.


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