Age Protected

Cosmeceutical face and neck cream
50 ml / 1.7 fl. oz.


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Product Category: Face creams,

Recommended for: Skin with spots,Greasy Skin,Sensible Skin,Normal Skin,

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Product Description

Cosmeceutical, face and neck, fast-hydrating, anti-UV cream for a daily protection from the dangerous effects of sun rays. It keeps the cell turnover similar to the ones of under 20 skin types. It immediately hydrates skin helping it keeping an ideal water index.


The skin looks fresh, soft and bright. Small wrinkles due to dehydration look thinner and face skin remains young.


In this daily cosmeceutical formula alpha-hydroxy acids and Vitamin A in palmitate form to optimize skin absorption, were combined.
Age Protected contains MALIC, CITRIC, GLYKOLIC AND LACTIC ACID, specific to treat thick skin types with spots. Thanks to the percentages of actives contained, this product effect is to make the skin look younger, because it appears brighter, softer, more transparent and homogeneous.
Alpha-hydroxy acids guarantee an ideal cell turnover, while Vitamin A prevents and delays epithelial cell growth and activity. In addition to this basic anti-age action, this product can also protect from UV rays and smog.


Apply in the mornings before make-up, in particular during Summer time. It is necessary after peeling or laser/IPL treatments.


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