Define Zone

Eye contour and lip balm

25 ml / 0.8 fl .oz.


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Product Description

Define Zone is a cosmeceutical balm with firming and soothing action. Balanced and complete formulation with cool effect, able to help capillary circulation, improving oxygenation and metabolism in the cells. Anti-bags under the eye and eye shadow action.


The skin is hydrated, firm, deeply nourished. Its actives have softening, soothing and protective action.


MADELIC ACID: It has many cosmetic features. It helps improving acne, skin discoloration due to photo-aging. It has a firming, detox and anti-age action.
ORNITHINE: conveyed through ionosomes, it has firming action. Biotechnological aminoacid, obtained from potato and cornstarch, it is able to locally stimulate collagen synthesis, keeping the skin firm and elastic.
SODIUM HYALURONATE: hydrating. It gives the skin brightness and firmness.
SHEA BUTTER: nourishing and softening active. It is obtained from the shea tree, it is a skin restructuring element, able to decrease and restructure the skin lines, making the skin smooth and silky.
SACCHARIDE ISOMERATE: hydrating and soothing active. Carbohydrate complex able to regulate skin humidity, thus improving the superficial hydration level.
MENTHOL: cooling and microcirculation stimulation properties.
SWEET ALMOND OIL: softening. It has nourishing, softening and protective properties.
AVOCADO OIL: softening. It has nourishing and soothing properties.
VITAMIN PP: It stimulates the production of new lipids, helping the skin to regain its integrity. It has a stimulating action.
PANTHENOL: It penetrates and it is transformed into panthotenic acid, able to give hydration and soothing feeling.
CARRAGENINE: mix of polysaccharides obtained from the red algae called Chondrus Crispus. Hydrating and protective properties.


Apply the product on the cleaned skin of eye contour and lips (mucosa included). Massage it gently.
We recommend to use it in combination with Circle Peel.


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