Retense Treatment

Exfoliating and elasticizing action
150 ml / 5 fl. oz. & 175 ml / 5.9 fl. oz.


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Product Category: Body fluid retention,

Recommended for: Water retention,Toneless Skin,Weak Elasticity,Dehydrated and Rough Skin,Thick and Rough Skin,Stretch Marks,

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Product Description

Retense Treatment has a double action and is suitable for thick skin types in need of elasticity. Its actives act on pigmentation imperfections and prevent or avoid the worsening of stretch marks. To improve skin tone, fighting elastic fiber degeneration through highly concentrated actives is fundamental.


It smoothes the skin, while allowing the penetration of elasticizing actives.


  • SURGISMOOTH: cosmeceutical product able to smooth the skin and stimulate cell turnover thanks to its actives: alpha-hydroxy acids, hyaluronic acid, sericin, phytic acid, retinol and asiatic pennywort.
  • SURGILASTIC: elasticizing cream rich in elastin and mannuronate, stimulating collagen production and preventing skin laxity and stretch marks.


Apply SurgiSmooth and SurgiLastic for at least 90 days, focusing where the skin needs elasticity. Massage the product until absorption.
Warnings: a light and quick pricking due to the use of SurgiSmooth is normal, because of the high concentration of alpha-hydroxy acids. On the delicate breast skin, SurgiSmooth is to be used maximum twice a week. Do not apply on the area of areola and nipple.


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