Nail Pro

Strengthening Nail Balm
20 ml / 0,67 fl. oz. x 10


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Product Description

It is a nail balm to treat brittle and thin nails. It strengthens the structure of the nail plate, reducing annoying inconveniences connected with nail fragility, such as the nail surface peeling off and the free edge breaking, thanks to the action of hydrolyzed keratin and oligoelements. Meanwhile Piroctone olamine has an antifungal effect, protecting nails and keeping their natural balance. Furthermore a mix of actives, such as biosaccharide gum, panthenol, natural hydrating factor and arginine pyroglutamate helps the nail to remain hydrated and vital.


HYDROLIZED KERATIN: Keratin is one of the main elements of nails. Its application in hydrolyzed form, helps nails to be stronger and more hydrated.
BIOSACCHARIDE GUM: Highly hydrating biotechnological polysaccharide. It creates a film on the nail, able to avoid hydration loss and to strengthen it.
PIROCTONE OLAMINE: Piroctone Olamine is an antifungal molecule. It helps to protect nails, while they keep their natural balance.
PANTHENOL: Panthenol is an excellent stimulator of cell growth and a tissue-reparation agent, it helps nails to be stronger.
ARGININE PYROGLUTAMATE: It derives from aminoacids and it has hydrating and stimulating properties.
OLIGOELEMENTS COMPLEX ON A PEPTIDE SUBSTRATE: Oligoelements complex (silicon, copper, zinc, magnesium and iron) on a peptide substrate which favours their bioavailability. They have a revitalizing and remineralizing effect.
NATURAL HYDRATING FACTOR:(Lactic acid, pca, urea, glutamic acid, lysine, allantoin).
Complex of hydrating substances, able to improve nail hydration.


Nail Pro is an effective product to make the nail compact, strong but flexible. Nails are well cared and healthy after its use.


Apply twice a day a small quantity of balm on every natural nail and massage it until absorption. Use the product as a treatment before and after nail polish.


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