Deo Innove

Slow release deodorant
75 ml / 2.53 fl. oz.


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Product Category: Body cellulitis,Deodorant,

Recommended for: Water retention,Toneless Skin,Body cellulitis,Weak Elasticity,Dehydrated and Rough Skin,Thick and Rough Skin,Stretch Marks,

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Product Description

DEO INNOVE is an innovative spray deodorant, able to regulate perspiration, while respecting the natural physiology of the sweating glands. It prevents and neutralizes sweating odors, thanks to its new KempSpheres compex (slow release menthol), ensuring an effective and long lasting deodorant action. Its delicate formulation is suitable even for the most delicate skin types.


It prevents and neutralizes sweating odors, it regulates the natural physiology of the sweating glands, leaving a nice, long lasting and fresh feeling.


MENTHOL: it has refreshing, decongestant, antiseptic and disinfectant properties, excellent for a deodorant.

ZINC: it traps waste substances and small organic molecules, responsible for sweat odors. It leaves the skin smooth and dry, without stains.
COLLOIDAL SILVER: it has antibacterial, antibiotic and disinfectant properties, which makes it fundamental for an effective deodorant.
KEMPSPHERES: specifict for skin care, it conveys pure menthol on the skin. The slow release is a system able to cover the daily needs.


Spray on the interested areas once or twice a day, preferably after the shower.


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