Biorivitalizing mask
500 ml / 17 fl. oz.

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Product Category: Body creams and serums,Body cellulitis,Body firming and lifting creams,Body elasticizing and compacting creams,Body fluid retention,

Recommended for: Body Products,Toneless Skin,Body cellulitis,Weak Elasticity,Dehydrated and Rough Skin,Thick and Rough Skin,

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Product Description

Compact is the cosmeceutical mask for tightening of breast and body skin areas lacking in elasticity. Thea combination of Beta Cyclodextrins and essential oils allows its penetration to the dermis level, the only structure involved in skin tone.

Compact has a refreshing and long lasting action, excellent to tighten and making the limbs feeling light.


Lightweight mask that provides a cool, refreshing boost for tired and aching legs


Apply the mask on thighs, buttocks, hips, abdomen and breast. Wear the TNT trousers and bra, contained in the box, and leave them on for 1/2 an hour. They are washable and reusable for the following treatments.


Methylsilanol mannuronate: stimulates collagen production and helps preventing irreversible damages leading to skin laxity and stretch marks.
Menthol: cooling effect for tired and aching legs. It completes anti-cellulitis and firming treatments.
Escin: widely used in medicine for its firming action on veins. It fights water retention.


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