Renove Age

Extra Hydrating Body Cream with Smoothing and Cellular Turnover Stimulation effect
150 ml 5 FL.OZ150 ml 5 FL.OZ


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Product Description

Renove-Age is the body cream suitable for dry skin types in need of deep hydration.


Thanks to its repairing and healing actives (allantoine, panthenol and hyaluronic acid) the skin is quickly hydrated, elastic and bright.


The fomulation works in a few days, allowing the stratum corneum to withdraw more water. The product also has a strong exfoliating action (urea 30%, salicylic, lactic acid and retinol), thus leading to improving the compactness, stretch marks and spots of the skin.

Its action is completed by a mix of antioxidants such as the Coenzyme Q10, Bisabolol and Sweet almond oil, excellent for their soothing and repairing features.


Daily application for 30 days on the whole body (armpits and inguinal folds excluded) and massage until absorption in particular where the skin is dry or rough.


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