A perfect face at every age

Basic cleansing treatments to remove impurities, horny lamellae in the process of scaling and black heads from the skin superficial layer.
RESULT: homogeneous, brighter, healthier skin color.

Light peeling together with a GPI Mask with brightening and renewal action.
RESULT: brighter and more compact skin. It lessens the “enlarged pore” effect. More elastic skin and excellent aesthetic effect.

Face treatment following the mechanisms of medical biorevitalization. It stimulates metabolism and cell renewal. A powerful cocktail of amino acids, proteins and vitamins for the skin.
RESULT: revitalization of skin. It gives brightness and accelerates cell renewal.

Balanced pool of AHAs with low Ph, excellent for very damaged skin types, due to photo and chrono-aging, with deep wrinkles.
RESULT: smoothed, bright and compact skin, with a visible decrease of wrinkles, caused by photo and chrono-aging.

Multi action treatment with exfoliating and regenerating action. It contains different whitening agents, lipids and antioxidants. A unique solution to treat the delicate area of eye contour.
RESULT: skin is compact, lighter, softer and firmer. Decrease of the shadows under the eye and its wrinkles.

Cosmeceutical treatment for oily skin. It cleans and opacifies at the same time. Occlusive mask improving the penetration of the actives. It also hydrates by keeping the water on the epidermis, stimulating metabolism and giving the skin minerals.
RESULT: visibly purified skin, matt and silky effect.

Ideal treatment for face, eye contour and décolleté rejuvenation. Pure hyaluronic acid, it guarantees skin regeneration, while reducing aging signs. It hydrates skin deeply.
RESULT: lifting effect and decrease in wrinkles. Soft, bright and compact skin.

Aged Skin Peel: mature skins with wrinkles. Spot Skin Peel: spots and skin pigmentations. Grease/Acne Skin Peel: greasy skin with active acne.
RESULT: exfoliating effect. Complete regeneration of the skin. Face will be younger, relaxed, pink and delicate. Reduction of wrinkles and spots.

Cosmeceutical treatment for professional use only with lifting, firming and anti-age results. The working techniques on the mask is inspired by mini-lifting, namely a surgery procedure able to bring the shape of the face at its natural form, before the aging-time and its collapse.
RESULT: lifting and anti-aging action with visible improvement of small wrinkles and skin pigmentations.

Cosmeceutical whitening treatment to improve skin complexion thanks to a combination of AHAs and Kojic acid. Resorcinol is the innovative element of NIGHT EVOLUTION mask. The application of this mask allows a superficial face exfoliation, leading to a better absorption of the products and treatments applied afterwards.
RESULT: whitening action and a general improvement of skin complexion and discolorings due to aging and prolonged sun exposure.

A perfect body at every age

Alpha-hydroxy acid treatment for every part of the body.
RESULT: smoother, softer a more compact skin. Healthy and homogeneous colour.

Salt-based body treatment acting as strong firming, draining, antioxidant therapy. Suitable for stomach, hips, thighs and breast.
RESULT: body and breast firming action. Visible improvement of water retention on legs.

Sea biotechnological treatment applied as body wrap. It fights cellulitis, water retention and skin laxity. Suitable for after liposuction reshaping and post pregnancy.
RESULT: safe and non invasive treatment against cellulitis and localized fat areas. It reduces circumference of the treated areas, it reshapes the same one and firms every part of the body.

Single-use wrap for legs, hips, arms with exfoliating, draining and firming action. Effective against cellulitis.
RESULT: firmness and compactness of the skin; the treated area looks smoother. Smoother and firmer skin, even after circumference reduction.

Specific leg treatment where RUTIN, FORSKOLIN and COFFEINE act on fat acids on adipose tissue, easing thermogenesis for calorie consumption and fighting water retention. Rutin has a protective action and it stimulates microcirculation.
RESULT: firmness and compactness of the skin; the treated area looks smoother. Smoother and firmer skin, even after circumference reduction.


The vascularization caused by IR allows great results on waer retention. .

Endodermic massage is a treatment carried out by qualified experts, using the exclusive handpiece with rolls and a vacuum, connected by a computer, regulating the strenght of the treatment, according to the kind of imperfection to be addressed.

Thanks to a slow but steady increase of the temperature on dermis surface, IR can reduce fat deposits right after the treatment, helping improving micro circulation.

Dermabrasion is a treatment for the deep exfoliation of skin surface. It uses diamond tips of different diameters and grain sizes. Its action allows the removal of the most superficial epidermis layers, smoothing imperfections and helping collagen and elastin production.
This treatment is suitable for the correction of skin lesions left by acne, chickenpox and small scars. Furthermore its action makes the colour of the treated areas more homogeneous.


Laser epilation is the treatmet fo gradually (namely in various appointment throughout a period of time) remove the hair on different areas of the body, avoiding its regrowth.

The presence of hair on face and body is perceived by many people as an imperfection. It can be effectively removed using pulsed light, to destroy the hair bulb through energy converted into heat.