Cosmeceutics srl is an Italian company born in 2007. It develops and sells a range of cosmeceutical products, studying new molecules and actives, able to improve and enhance beauty expert performances. It also offers training, sale and technical support on cosmeceutical products and SurgicTouch Technologies.  

Doc. Nicola Pittoni, R&D Executive for Cosmeceutics SRL, has been developing his cosmeceutical products following the guidelines of dermatology and cosmetology, due to the lack of quality products in a market driven by sales.

A constant research of skin-friendly ingredients and actives together with more and more effective and safe preservative systems, lead to products free from useless and harmful substances, such as petrolatum, silicones, parabens, synthetic fragrances and coloring agents.

SurgicTouch® cosmeceutical line was born by Doc. Pittoni’s the direct and tangible need to offer his patients safe and effective products to complete his aesthetic treatments and surgeries.

Together with a qualified staff with expertise in chemistry and biology, he directly follows the entire production cycle, thus guaranteeing the highest quality standards.

Every product development is based on innovative technologies and selected, highly concentrated actives, without harmful substances.  Our signature product is Pure Jal, the first SurgicTouch cosmeceutical product, the symbol of a new cosmetology, that works with sterile water and the active at its saturation point, resulting in the self-preservation of the product itself.

SurgicTouch® values can be sum up in a few pivotal ideas:

  • the correct understanding of INCI allows the consumer to choose quality, namely products free from petrolatum, silicones, parabens, synthetic fragrances and coloring agents.
  • Invest on research, innovation and technology, resulting in cutting edge products, able to satisfy the needs of the beauty experts.
  • Invest in training, so that beauty experts can read the market and answer to the consumers’ needs.
  • NEVER test the products on animals, do not use petrolatum, aggressive preservatives, synthetic fragrances nor coloring agents. At the centre of every product: sterile water.
  • Always use scientifically proven ingredients of top quality.
  • Made in Italy Excellence, underlying the quality of a cosmeceutical product fully produced in the North of Italy, reducing its environmental impact at the lowest level possible.

Today’s woman is informed and demanding, she wants to know what she applies on her skin, while keeping an eye on the result. Modern chemistry is more and more under surveillance, leading the woman to look for safe products.

• new demands • new values • new consumer habits • safe products • new awareness • ethic– ecofriendly • respect for environments • reality

Knowing the content of the cosmetic products to be applied on the skin is fundamental. SurgicTouch® accompanies the woman on a journey to discover the secrets of cosmetics, so that she can choose the most suitable products for her, effective because it represents the meeting point between nature and science.

SurgicTechnology, the combined technologies for face and body, inspired by aesthetic medicine, they follow Doc. Pittoni’s guidelines for epidermis, dermis and fat tissue imperfections. SurgicTouch® devices are produced in Italy, they can be combined to satisfy everyone’s need. Our devices work together with  SurgicTouch® professional range of products, through protocols, developed to maximize the aesthetic result.

  • Dermo Abrasion – face and body treatment
  • Electroporator – face and body treatment
  • Thermo Infrared – face and body treatment
  • Vacuum – face and body treatment
  • Endolipodermic – body treatment
  • D-Laser / E – Light – permanent hair removal
  • B-Frequency – face and body treatment

Innovation also in professional training. Education has a key role for those beauty experts willing to further study SurgicTouch® working techniques and devices. Meetings and training sessions held by Doc. Nicola Pittoni to lead beauty experts towards a personal and professional growth, allowing them to suggest the most appropriate products and treatments.   SurgicSpa is where this training vision comes true. The flagship store, a real academy for beauty experts, but also the ideal place to enjoy SurgicTouch® treatments and products.

SurgicSpa is furthermore the place where those interested in our format can see the SurgicTouch® furniture, to build or renew their own beauty center or apothecary.

Cosmeceutics Srl is facing a new challenge: its internationalization process, displaying strategies tailored to launch the products in new market, bringing the brand throughout the world.

Cosmeceutics attends the most important exhibitions of the sector to present the brand at international level.