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One of the main element of the products by SurgicTouch is research and development, which are followed by the Dermo Aesthetic Surgeon, MD Nicola Pittoni, according to the specific needs of face and body skin.

Often cosmetic price does not mirror the real quality of the products, instead it is due to advertisement and distribution costs.

Widely used ingredients such as silicones, petrolatum and parabens are very cheap and give the product an excellent texture, while causing occlusions, dermatitis and irritations in the long term.
SurgicTouch products do not contain aggressive substances and they are developed using high level and highly concentrated row materials, while avoiding the use of harmful substances for the skin.

The synergy among the actives, which are selected for their specific features, is fundamental and it strenghtens the characteristics of every single ingredient, increasing its effectiveness.

Part of the cosmetic distribution costs are the following elements: advertisement and packaging. Cosmeceutics chose to limit, as much as possible, the influence of these elements in SurgicTouch product prices.


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