SurgicTouch tips for beautiful feet!

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Your feet are on display during Summer time, but it’s hard to keep them looking their best! Exposure to the sun and hot surfaces like sand and concrete can leave them dry and rough. SurgicTouch wants to give you some suggestions to have beautiful feet!

1.     Exfoliate At Least Once A Week: this will help you get rid of surface dry skin cells, making them look and feel smoother. Plus, your moisturizer will be more effective!

2.    No Soaking Feet: contrary to what you might think, soaking can further dehydrate already-dry feet.

4.   Hydration! Your heels are prone to over-use—and as a result, they tend to dry out more easily than the rest of your foot. The heel is also protected by thicker skin, which means that it’s less penetrable and it’ll take a little more effort to lock moisture.

5.    The importance of Sunscreen: not only does the skin on your feet need protection, but nails are made of protein and are therefore as vulnerable as your skin.

6.   Keep a Pumice Stone in Your Shower: use one daily or once every other day; just make sure to apply less pressure to soft skin and more to callouses when giving your feet a scrub-down.

7.    Let Toes Breathe: since nails are a living part of your anatomy, they need a break to “breathe” from time to time so they can continue healthy growth patterns and rid themselves of chemical residue. This can help prevent discoloration.

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