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The craze for BB creams is less than two years old, at least in western markets, and already the next generation CC creams are launching thick and fast. However, it is worth pointing out that the first BB cream was developed 50 years ago by renowned dermatologist Christine Shrammek as a protective and nurturing salve for skin left vulnerable after skin procedures such as chemical peels. BB creams seem quite similar to tinted moisturisers with added SPF. BBs and CCs are meant to provide the instant coverage and SPF protection of tinted moisturisers,  BB has become a catch-all phrase for an all-in-one treatment, moisturiser, make-up hybrid designed to soothe and nourish the skin while providing light tinted sheer-looking coverage for dark spots, acne and other facial blemishes.  CC cream, also known as Colour or Complexion Corrector, is a refined blemish balm cream. CC cream was formulated with technology originating in Japan and further developed in Korea. While the BB cream was manufactured primarily as a skincare product, the CC cream was developed to retain all the skincare benefits of BB cream with added nourishing ingredients and the additional aim to provide more effective skin coverage. The formulas are buildable and offer better blending and treatment of uneven skin tones.

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