Dr. Nicola Pittoni

Medical Doctor, Dermatologist and Venereologist.
SurgicTouch® Founder and Scientific Director

Cosmeceutical, more than a cosmetic

Pure and concentrated actives, free from petrolatum, silicones, parabens, synthetic coloring agents and fragrances

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The innovation in your daily beauty routine

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Scientific research

Effective actives, development and innovation

Dr. Pittoni himself follows together with a team of highly specialized chemists and pharmacologists, the formulation of every product.

  • 0% Harmful substances
  • Ultimate technologies
  • Innovative actives
  • Scientifically proven results
  • Made in Italy research, production and quality
  • Highest European certification
    Uni En Iso 9001:2000 3

The cosmeceuticals

Be confident in yourself and your choices at every age

Pure, concentrated and scientifically proven actives.
Free from: Petrolatum, Silicones, Parabens, synthetic coloring agents and fragrances.

The importance of healthy skin

The rules to keep it young

Skin is our widest organ, covering our whole body. Its health is fundamental and its silky and bright condition is very important as well, because it often is a sign of health and well-being. Neglected, wrinkled, grey and dry skin must be cared daily with specific and non-aggressive treatments.

Beauty Routine

3 steps for a perfect skin

1 Cleansing – it is fundamental to remove occlusive residues, making the absorption of actives easier.

2 Specific serum – They are pure and highly concentrated. They contain unique ingredients, that have been selected for their real effectiveness.

3 Mix of actives in every cream  –  They have been developed to slow down aging. They contain highly concentrated actives.

Today’s woman

Aware choices

The modern, informed and demanding woman wants to know what she applies on her skin, while being careful on the results and her looks.
Modern chemistry is more and more under control and today’s woman is looking for safe products to be used on her skin. That is why the content of the products applied on her skin is important.

The power of actives

Research and health for you skin

What does your skin need?

  • Exfoliation
  • Hydration
  • Reparation
  • Protection
  • Peptides and aminoacids
  • Antioxidants

Innovation and research in skin care

Crazy weather. Pollution. Increase in skin cancer. Today’s lifestyle has many factors able to damage the skin. The ultimate laboratories, safe and certified production methods make our cosmeceuticals the best to nourish and protect every skin type.


Choose the right actives. Know how to use them on the dermis to obtain the best anti-age action.


The research and use of scientifically based and biological action actives allow every formulation to be effective and safe.


Removing useless and harmful substances, to avoid sensitivity and allergies, while increasing the concentration of actives with a positive action on the skin.


SurgicTouch® Cosmeceutical line

Cosmeceutics srl, guided by Dr. Nicola Pittoni, launched SurgicTouch® brand, a line of safe and effective cosmeceuticals that follow the guidelines of dermatology and cosmetology.


The Surgeon Touch every day with you

SurgicTouch® professional treatments have been inspired by medicine and science. They have immediately visible results. They have been developed to tackle every skin imperfection.



Thanks to new, innovative and nonvinvasive technologies, soft face rejuvanation is finally possible. Give your skin a second youth!



Specific treatments on targeted body areas with high concentrated actives.



Trainings, seminars and workshops are the keys for the success of the beauty operator.

Become an authorized retailer

Cosmeceutics wants to create a team of highly qualified beauty opertators, precognizione through SURGICTOUCH® AUTHORIZED RETAILER plate.
Cosmeceutics offers the beauty operators a range of technical/educational services, together with up-to-date communication tools to promote the product quality effectively.


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