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Modern life style is characterized by many factors able to damage cells, causing early skin aging. The protection of the skin and keeping it healthy is paramount, even at young age. The right product, free from harmful substances, has a key role in skin at every age.

Keep the skin healthy and young, prevent aging through modern devices, effective and safe ingredients, free from harmful substances.

The SurgicTouch® actives of sun products protect, repair, soothe and prevent photo-aging damages and eryhtema. Crazy weather, pollution, increase in skin cancer: these are all factors changing the habits in sun protection. Women are aware of the risks they run during a walk in the city center. Dermatologists underline the necessity of taking care of the skin. SurgicTouch® helps thorugh “shield” products, a crossroad between tretament, protection and reparation; to be used all year around.

A new technological vision to increase product effectiveness. The ultimate laboratories with more and more safe and certified production methods. The effectiveness of the products is supported by scientific data. Every active used in SurgicTouch products is accompanied by scientific literature and a truthful description on its activity, avoiding the possibility of misleading advertising.
We are constantly engaged in transparency in formulation.


Why SurgicTouch?