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Do you want to be sure that the product you purchased can really satisfy your needs?

Our quality is supported by your satisfaction! Who can offer you more?

Cosmeceutics extends your refund right only on its e-commerce and it offers you the possibility of SUPER MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE:

Purchase your product on our e-commerce

Try it for 15 days and look how your skin improves

If you are not 100% sure of the results, contact us and give us your opinion. We will refund you of the whole cost of the product you purchased.

More information:

Within 15 days from the delivery of the products, SurgicTouch guarantees you the possibility to return the product, obtaining either the complete refund through a discount voucher you can exclusively use on our or you can be refund of the 80% of the sum you spent.

The quantity contained in the returned product has not to be less than 80% of the capacity written on the packaging. The product has to be returned together with its original and whole packaging and the purchase receipt. Cosmeceutics has the right to decide the kind and time of the refund. It will not refund in case of damaged product or packaging, in case of return after 15 days from  the delivery date or with quantity inferior than the 80% of the product capacity.

Transport cost for the return on behalf of the client.